The “Fashionably Clicquot” bottle comes with a transformable origami design

Veuve Clicquot is getting fashionable with a new upscale limited-edition cover that unites functionality and style. The “Fashionably Clicquot” prêt-à-porter packaging is made of two parts that fit one into another and allow the pack to transform from a sleek cylinder into an elegant skirt for a bottle. Inside the cover, there is the label’s Carte Jaune bottle.

Photo: The Fashionably Clicquot packaging, the upper part (click to enlarge),

The packaging in Veuve Clicquot’s signature black and yellow colors transforms into a skirt-inspired piece when the upper circular part of it gets removed—the pleated paper bottom pops up as a skirt with top-stitched pleats. The two-part design echoes the brand’s connection with the fashionable, upper-class world—the detachable part is surrounded by a black grosgrain ribbon like a box with a Dior or Chanel dress, and the bottom half magically transforms into a paper replica of an iconic piece from a female wardrobe.

Photo: The Fashionably Clicquot packaging, the upper part (click to enlarge),

While being stylish, the origami cover is ultimately functional. The bottom half of the pack works as a mobile ice bucket for a bottle. Since the inner coating is water-proof, the package can hold the bottle in the ice cubes without any risk of leakage. The prices for a limited-edition packaging range depending on the retailer—for instance, it can be bought for $74.99 here.

Veuve Clicquot is one of the brands that constantly highlight their connection with the style and upscale society through its packaging. Other alcohol and soft drinks brands that communicate the “fashion” message with their regular limited-edition designer bottles are Absolut, Diet Coke and Evian.