Unilever’s Project Sunlight inspires consumers to adopt sustainable lifestyles for a brighter future

Building on its Sustainable Living Plan, Unilever is rolling out a new initiative aimed at encouraging people across the globe to make sustainable consumer choices for the common good. The philosophy of the movement dubbed Project Sunlight focuses on the commitment to preserve the nature for next generations. The program that motivates people to care more about the environment to make the world a better place for their children is launching today, November 20, on Universal Children’s Day, in Brazil, India, Indonesia, the UK and the US.

As part of the project, Ogilvy London and David Latin America and Academy Award winning director Errol Morris created the emotional film, Why Bring a Child into This World, to explain the idea behind Unilever’s Project Sunlight social mission. The spot features expectant parents who watch videos highlighting the problems of the today’s world, and then also learn how the developing technology and simple everyday sustainable actions can improve what we have now. “Every day, more and more food is being grown with a revolutionary method. New technologies are making clean drinking water available to hundreds of millions. Illnesses that today affect millions of children a year will be prevented by simple everyday products,” says the voiceover.

The 4:25 film prompts the audience to join in the movement on the dedicated online destination. The site motivates people to become part of a global community of the likeminded and organizations that contribute to building a brighter future through simple activities. In the first stage of the initiative, Unilever is encouraging consumers to SEE the better world through the two lovely promotional videos, ACT by doing simple things that add together to build better societies and environment, and also JOIN the initiative to contribute to creating a brighter future for the children of tomorrow’s world.

The site features a variety of brand programs in a range of areas—food, social equity, hygiene, sustainable consumption, and more. All of the initiatives are supported by a brand from Unilever’s portfolio—for instance, the Dove bodycare brand helps girls overcome self-esteem problems; the Omo, Persil and Surf detergents make it possible for families to cut their utility bills and CO2 emissions; the Lifebuoy soap helps protect millions of children in Asia, Africa and Latin America from pneumonia and diarrhea that kill estimated 2 million children under the age of five every year; and more.

By clicking on the brand initiatives, users can discover more about the programs and learn how to get engaged.

Pic.: A screenshot o fteh loading page of the Project Sunlight site (click to enlarge), www.projectsunlight.com

On the top of the main page, there’s a counter of “acts of sunlight”—posts, tweets and images shared with the #brightfuture hashtag. So far, there’re 26,000+ of such acts and counting.

To jumpstart the initiative, Unilever will be supporting about two million children across the globe through its current partnerships. The company will be delivering school meals through the World Food Programme and will also be supporting Save the Children to provide clean and safe drinking water as well as improved hygiene through UNICEF.

“Project Sunlight aims to galvanise and build momentum behind a movement that is already happening. We know people all over the world want to adopt more sustainable behaviours, but need these to be easy and to fit with the way they live their lives. As a global consumer goods company, we have the means to help people realise this ambition,” commented Unilever Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Keith Weed, in the press note. “We have extensive experience and research into what drives—and what limits—mass behaviour change. From this experience, we know that parenthood creates a profound shift in people’s view of the world and what the anticipated future will mean for the lives of their children.”