You may lie without knowing it—AIDES and TBWA\PARIS remind of HIV testing importance

AIDES, a French community-based nonprofit, launches a new campaign with a fairy-tale character to raise awareness of how important condom protection and HIV testing are. The 1-minute film by TBWA\PARIS tells a story of a wooden guy, an adult Pinocchio, who meets a flesh-and-blood girl at a party and lies to her about his health.

Now around 650, 000 people in Europe still don’t know their HIV status—this means they may spread the virus without knowing it. The protagonist of the viral video by TBWA, a Pinocchio in his 20s (Alexandre Ferrario), meets a girl (Mathilde Warnier) at the party and wants to spend the night with her. As he claims he is healthy, his wooden nose grows—just like in the famous children’s book. The new clip wants more people to take the test and be aware of their current health condition from this intimate point of view.

The film, directed by Marc & Ish and produced by Control, features a soundtrack by David Guetta and Roberta Flack. It continues the series of fun-packed playful spots that deliver the message of the importance to get tested—no judgment or moralizing can be sensed in the efforts.