Coca-Cola focuses on “parenting fitness” in a new Coke Life ad

Coca-Cola is promoting its Coke Life, a healthier stevia-based version of the iconic drink, with an emotional spot by SANTO Buenos Aires. The advert promotes the light and positive ethos of the new drink with a story of a small family that grows bigger as children come.

The commercial that promotes the low-calorie Coke explores the joy and challenges that young parents face. The story unfolds from one positive sign on the pregnancy test to having and upbringing the baby and the next “plus” on the test. The action-packed video focuses on how the life of the young parents changes in just less than a year. The new life features all challenges like nighttime feedings, toys everywhere, property damaged by baby’s hands and not just hands, lack of personal time, and things like that.

The spot communicates the message of family comfort, warm and positive emotions, highlighted with a palette that focuses on the green shade. The same color is used for the product’s label. The spot uses the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody” track that perfectly syncs with what’s going on in the advert.

The family twist is a new take on how to contribute to fitness—the physical activity has been the key theme in Coca-Cola’s promotions for the past months.

“Coca-Cola Life invites you to uncover your nature. This is what children do: although they make you work hard and sometimes things get complicated, bring out the best in us,” says the description of the video.