Old Spice’s Isaiah Mustafa goes to the UK to discover quintessential gentleman qualities

Old Spice welcomes its most popular ambassador, Isaiah Mustafa, back in the new promotion centered around manliness. The ‘»Man Your Man Could Smell Like» has started on an epic trip across the UK to find the manliest man in the world, the Gentle-Man. Mr. Mustafa is discovering the essence of the genuine gentleman with the public help.

The GentleManHunt campaign by Leo Burnett will include witty short videos and promotion across social channels, Facebook and Instagram. The spots will be created in The Man’s recognized fashion—he, clad in different national flags, will be sharing his own views on “quirky regional differences in gentlemanly behavior across Britain’s biggest regions and cities,” says the press note. In the launch video, he invites the audience to use the hashtag #GentleManHunt to send in photos and videos of features that describe and define the modern British gentleman. Apparently, he will use this info for the upcoming short vignettes.

To kickstart the campaign, which will be running throughout December, Old Spice took Mr. Mustafa to the heart of the UK, London. The macho Man was parading around the capital this weekend. For the city tour, they chose “the traditional gentleman’s preferred mode of transport”—it was the white horse, followed by a special manly carriage. During the ride, Isaiah was inviting passers-by to take a picture with him in front of “man-iconic” landmarks, such as St Paul’s Cathedral.

Old Spice has also polled over 2,000 UK adults to discover what makes a modern British gentleman. The survey revealed that most respondents still have a traditional view on masculinity. It discovered that a real man pays the bill on a first date (52%), and just a small part of respondent think that a modern man should wear speedos or a sarong (18% and 15% respectively). While 41% of British men believe that their partner’s power in bed is paramount, 40% of female respondents believe that a man’s cooking or DIY skills are even more important than their sexual performance (19%).

“In the spirit of Old Spice I have a MAN-announcement to make. The people of the UK, the home of the quintessential Gentleman, have spoken: the traditional concepts of manliness continue to reign strong,” commented Isaiah Mustafa. “Our lady folk want men that look and smell like a real MAN. This pleases me greatly. Gentlemen of the UK, I salute you.”