Special K aims to “Shhhhut down fat talk” among women

Special K, the low-fat breakfasts and snacks brand from the Kellogg’s portfolio, is taking on the women’s bad habit of treating themselves aggressively with self-depreciation talks. The brand collaborated with Leo Burnet to launch the campaign dubbed “Shhhhut down fat talk” that explains how damaging self-humiliation can be. The effort includes the “Fast Talk” video and promotion on the brand’s Facebook page and Twitter profile.

The 2-minute spot opens with the statistics saying that 93% of women worry if they are fat and share this with friends. The video features several ordinary ladies who enter the “Shhhh” apparel store. As they start to look through the pieces of clothes, they find weird labels on them saying “I look fat in this,” “I have a muffin top,” or “Cellulites is in my DNA.” There are also placards of real fat talk tweets around the store. Women confess that these phrases are just what they usually think of themselves, it was just looking inside their heads.

We believe that fat talk is a barrier to managing our weight. We’ve proven a positive approach is the key to weight management success. Let’s join together to silence negativity and shout for positivity,” comments the brand in the description to the video on YouTube. Consumers can join the conversation on the brand’s Facebook page or tweet using the #FightFatTalk profile.

The Special K’s effort follows other female brands’ projects aimed to inspire dignity and self-respect. Recently, Pantene launched a spot that encouraged the society to get rid of double sexist standards and put an end to labels against women.