UNICEF promotes donating in time for Christmas with ironical videos featuring the greatest philanthropists

Following its emotional “Likes don’t save lives” campaign, UNICEF Sweden continues communicating the message of how important monetary support is. The new effort “The Good Guys Christmas” launched just in the middle of the gift season, features three iconic good-doers Jesus, Mother Teresa and Gandhi as well as a guy who was honoured to join the Christmas dinner with the greatest philanthropist of all times by just clicking a UNICEF banner and buying medications for kids online.

Developed by Forsman & Bodenfors, the campaign includes a series of ironical vignettes that sees the three saintliest figures meeting over a table with a mere mortal who simply donated to UNICEF online. Each of the vignettes—The Dinner Party, The Greatest Story and Jesus Goes Online—ends with the line saying “Doing good has never been easier,” which means that acts of good can be both easy and meaningful—just like online donations at unicef.se/gavoshop.