Withings featured 100+ nude actors to inspire people to “know their bodies”

The Withings brand of body monitors has launched an impressive stop-motion video that inspires people to love their bodies and listen to them. The “Beautiful Naked” video, created by London-based agency Man+Hatchet, features 100+ nude people who form various pictures to illustrate the poem titled “Sam,” recited by the voiceover.

Following in the footsteps of Dove with its Beauty Sketches experiment, the new video tells a story of a man, Sam, who one day started to pay attention to what his body tells him. “All that Sam wanted, Was to look better naked, But seeing his Body, He felt so deflated. Then one rainy day, Sam’s Body said ‘Hey! It’s time that you listened, To what I have to say,” the story goes. After a short talk with his body, Sam added much more physical activity in form of dancing, running, swimming, etc. into his life, and everything changed for better.

The slow-motion spot, shot in Tallinn, features 140 people—70 men and 70 women—naked. Just one guy in the video, Sam, wears his bright red boxers. The creation of the video took 3 days of shooting, and there were 2,000 pictures taken.

The goal of the project is to inspire people to “know their body” and measure the changes using Withings products that range from scales to activity trackers.