Apple celebrates off-beat, meaningful ways of using iPad Air in the “Your Verse” ad

Apple is telling an engaging story of its iPad Air, narrated through a series of real-life moments depicting creative, groovy ways to use of the device. The tech powerhouse launched an ad, “Your Verse,” that used the well-recognized, inspirational lines from the Dead Poets Society movie and footage showing various people integrating iPad into their work and life, every day.

The 1:30 spot captures short stories of people who squeeze the most of what life offers to them, maximizing the experience with their iPads. They take the device under the water to capture the marine world, up to the mountains in hiking, the tablet helps arrange the spectacular parades, make forest exploration easier, spur extreme filmmaking, sports medicine, education in developing world, and record music in a new way, to name just a few.

Each of us has something to share. A voice, a passion, a perspective. The potential to add a stanza to the world’s history,” notes the brand on the dedicated page. Apple doesn’t directly invite consumers to think of the new ways of using their iPads—no hashtags to use, no contests, etc.—but it inspires them to push the borders. “What will your verse be?” Apple asks.

The story about marine biologists, “Taking exploration to new depth,” is narrated on a dedicated page in a text format. The story includes the explanation what extra accessories are used to take iPad deep beneath the ocean’s surface, some infographic, underwater discoveries and more. Apple will also cover the story of world-class mountaineers, who have climbed some of the highest peaks in the world—now they use iPad to plan routes and share their impressions with the global audience. The “Elevating the expedition” feature is coming soon.

Other stories from the “Your Verse” video are highlighted below the two major ones—they include capturing a vision in Bollywood, recording music in China, delivering education to poor regions, measuring athletes’ body features, shooting a film on-the-fly and caking moves on the ice.