Independent coffee shops in D.C. tempt Starbucks clients away through “disloyalty program”

Six independent coffee houses, including Peregrine EspressoFilter,The Coffee Bar and three others serving multiple locations around Washington D.C. have initiated a provocative campaign aiming to take down Starbucks in the area.

Theу have joined forces to launch an unprecedented «D.C. Disloyalty Card» accepted across six coffee locations in town: for every six stamps collected with any purchase at any participating shop, the seventh visit will be rewarded with a free coffee. The program is named «disloyalty» as it aims to lure customers away from big coffee chains like Starbucks and drive more loyal fans to smaller independent cafés.

“I hope the card is a fun way for D.C. coffee lovers to sort of explore different shops and engage with the people making coffee,” commented one creators of the initiative.

In January, the coalition printed 500 cards, allowing each of the cafés to print out more to dispense it across their customer base and further. The program is going to expand soon to reach Maryland and Virginia. Participating customers can share their experience through Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram using the #dcdisloyal tag.

Pic.: The list of the Disloyalty Program coffee shops (click to enlarge)