The UpCouture tees make wearers maintain upright postures

Clothing can be significantly improved even without loading it with technology, just by a smart cut. This is proved by the UpCouture label that creates T-shirts that help people maintain a straight posture, simply by using denser material on the back of the piece.

In the era of computers, many people tend to hunch in front of the desk, causing pain in the spine, and there should be an easy and natural solution to make them unbend their backs. Mental control doesn’t always work here, but physical one does—the UpCouture tees make it uncomfortable to bend shoulders in them, so there’s nothing left but to keep the back straight.

For this effect, the tees feature the elastic bands on the back—these elements can’t be visually detected and look just like the rest of the garment. The T-shirts are available in short, three-quarters, and long sleeves styles, with various patterns, for male and female health-conscious fashionistas. The prices for these made in France tees range from $175 to $206 each.

Photo: The UpCouture tees (click to enlarge)

“My desire to improve posture was due to the fact that I primarily wanted to improve my own posture in front of my computer and there was nothing efficient in the market for that. I really wanted an efficient and comfortable system (not inefficient and uncomfortable straps). And once I had found the system, I wanted it in something aesthetically nice and high-quality to wear,” commented designer Neda Naef.

T-shirts are able to inspire better attitude to a person’s health with a design as well. The Living With: tees with graphic patterns that symbolize mental health disorders and helps ignite a conversation about these issues.