Chevrolet asks the global community to share “What’s The New To You”

Spring is the season of renewal and rediscovering the joys of life. Chevrolet is tapping into this truism with a new campaign, The New, urging people from across the globe to share their own experiences of discovering fresh things and emotions in this old world.

The new effort by Commonwealth/McCann Detroit encourages the audience to share inspirations and tell the world “What’s The New To You.” Users are called to post their videos, photos or just a simple phrases that describe their own emotions, which got boosted after experiencing some new things or experiencing some constants like love, community, success and family, in a whole new way. The stories can be shared via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #TheNew.

For a dose of inspiration, the #TheNew campaign includes a number of spots highlighting all kinds of “new ways” in various fields, from starting a cooking or sports career to rediscovering the joy of extreme sports, being bond to a wheelchair.

The longer, 1-minute ad premiered during the Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony broadcast, and shorter vignettes, 30- and 15-sec long, can be viewed on the brand’s YouTube channel and a dedicated website. The 30’’ clips describe the “new” attributes of the Chevy models, while the 15’’ clips focus on emotions that sparkle in every-day moments of new discoveries.