IKEA expands its space-saving commitment to street advertising with the RGB billboard

Once again IKEA has demonstrated its unique talent to save space without compromising on the contents. The Swedish furniture retailer has installed a hilarious street ad in Germany that delivers three messages, revealed one by one, on the same canvases without any digital element. Named the “RGB billboard,” the ad proves that a truly smart approach can extend interiors with no tech included.

The street ad piece developed by German ad agency Thjnk and production studio I Made This uses three colors—cyan, magenta and yellow.  Depending on the color of the bulb—red, green and blue (RGB)—that lights up the billboard, a different message gets revealed. So, there are three messages painted on the billboard, but each time only one of them gets visible.

The green bulb shows magenta text, the blue light helps the yellow headline be visible, while the red bulb reveals the cyan message in German. So, with 3 lines, 3 colours and 3 bulbs, IKEA has turned its 9 m² of advertising space into 27 m².

“When you have little space you need to come up with clever solutions. That is not only true for interior decoration, but for advertising space too,” says the brand in the description to the video that shows how 1 billboard can be turned into more than just 1 billboard.