McCann London and Heart Research UK help people erase memories about their ex-beloved through a charitable auction

Heart Research UK has offered an alternative way to discard unwanted and disturbing memories about the past relationships. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the organization launched an unconventional auction, #InstaHeartAuction, where people could trade the stuff their «exes» gave them in the times of romance.

The project, developed by McCann London, uses Instagram as the platform for displaying the items. The procedure is simple: a person takes a photo of the object using Instagram, shares it with the #InstaHeartAuction hashtag, puts some information about it (a brief story of love that didn’t work out), and indicate the pick-up location. Other users add their comments (bids) to the page of the item.

February 21 is the deadline for submitting bids. The winners will be then asked to follow the link that will be posted to the comments thread to complete the transaction. All proceeds generated through the auction will go to Heart Research UK to help mend broken hearts in the medical sense.

“We are delighted to be a part of the first ever Instagram auction, it’s such an exciting idea and something very different on Valentine’s Day. We are very grateful to McCann for choosing us to benefit from the proceeds of the auction and to everyone who has helped to make this happen,” commented Denise Armstrong, assistant director of Heart Research UK. Donations from the auction will be used to continue our important work in the fight against heart disease, helping people to live healthier, happier, longer lives.”

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