Paperback Instagram Handbook for Brands explains how to drive success with visual content

Instagram has announced a release of a book to teach brands about the secrets of captivating imagery. The Instagram Handbook for Brands will feature successful stories of major labels that have managed to reach their audiences with quality relevant images. The social platform hopes that SMM specialists will use these wisdoms to leverage the power of a simple photo for their businesses.

Photo: Instagram Handbook for Brands,

The book will tell the stories of eleven brands’ accounts including @patagonia, @disneyland, @chobani, reviewing their approaches in reaching broader audiences and keeping them engaged for a long period of time. The book will also list Instagram’s brand values and ten popular hashtags like #chasinglight and #thingsorganizedneatly that inspire collaborative contributions to the brand’s success on Instagram.

Instagram hasn’t shared when the book launches , how much it will cost and where it will be available. As to the look, the book goes in a predictable square format and the pixel-like design on the cover.

The Instagram editorial team says the book will be not broadly available, but still brands have a chance to discover valuable tips and other featured content posted on the blog. The first five illustrated tips are already there: Be true to your brand (coherence between the brand’s philosophy and imagery), Share experiences (a view into the world through the fans’ eyes), Find beauty everywhere (share a brand’s unconventional vision of the world), Inspire action (start a movement), and Know your audience (explore new things, able to capture the imagination of new customers).

New inspirations and tips will follow soon.