Pepsi Max questions fundamental physical principles with “Unbelievable” performances

Pepsi UK is adding a bit more adrenaline to its non-energetic drink Pepsi Max with its new online effort, The Unbelievable Channel, that is rolling out on YouTube. The campaign, which syncs with the brand’s “Live for Now” positioning, targets a younger generation of guys who love extreme sports and want more of this energy. The online channel will feature numerous videos documenting unbelievable feats and experiences delivered by Pepsi Max and the ad agency AMV BBDO.

We’re pairing up people with amazing skills with ingenious directors and challenging them to create something original and unbelievable,” stated Pepsi on the page. The brand teamed up with talented YouTube personalities including free running stuntman Damien Walters, filmmaker Adrian Bliss, master of animation dance Matthew Holt aka Mindtrick as well as comedy actor and director Jack Howard for a series of vignettes with extreme and (sometimes) a humorous twist.

For instance, Walters has accepted a totally super-physical challenge of running loop the loop on foot (see the video above) and demonstrated his unbelievable skills when “battling” against Howard in a gym. Bliss and Mindtrick have created a surrealistic shadow dance performance that merged reality and animation ( see the video below).

New installments featuring TimH, F2 Football Freestylers and Storror Group will follow soon. The fresh content will be posted on a weekly basis. Encouraging the millennial audience to add more off-beat experiences to their life map, the brand promotes its “maximum taste AND no sugar” message.

The “Unbelievable tagline” will also be spread across a range of other media channels. The ads will feature user-generated unbelievable Vines from the UK audience. An augmented reality bus shelter on New Oxford St., London,  will pop up on March 10, and there’ll also be retail promotion including sampling and promo-packs.