VisitBritain has branded the sounds of Britain

The British tourist authority, VisitBritain, focuses on sounds, not images, of the country to promote its travelling destinations. The £2.5 million global marketing effort Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R includes a TV ad and a digital promotion dubbed “The Sounds of GREAT Britain.”

The 1-minute clip features the multi-platinum-selling track “Feel the Love’ by Brit-Award nominated band Rudimental as well as a range of audio pieces that characterize the country. These are the sounds of the country’s signature attractions, people, unique British events and more. For instance, in the clip one can hear tea and milk pouring into a cup, the sound of a crowd at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the tender tinkling of a bike in the street, the buzz at Lovebox festival, fireworks’ volleys and the sound of the Dartmouth Steam Train.

On VisitBritain’s YouTube page users can create a personalized soundtrack using the suggested audio pieces that inspire them most. The experience is available in eight languages, including Russian and Chinese. Users are encouraged to choose from the two options (see glorious coastline or drink a cup of tea, etc.), new pairs of options pop up on the screen every few minutes. “What would be your perfect day in Great Britain? Where would you go? And what would you do? Who would you meet? And what would you eat?” asks the description to the shareable clip.

Users can also discover more about their selection on VisitBritain’s LoveWall microsite that features some signature locations and insights into the country’s modern life and culture. The platform also suggests a plethora of traveling recommendations, delivered in packs. Plus, VisitBritain has teamed up with Nokia Mix Radio, where the users can enjoy more sounds of Great Britain via a constantly refreshed playlist.

The campaign is running across key European markets, USA, Brazil, China, India, and the Gulf states.

“We want to involve people in creating their own British experience—first online where they can become the director of their own bespoke tourism ad, and then in reality following their individual journey across Britain according to their own interests and inspirations,” commented Joss Croft, Marketing Director at VisitBritain.”