Ask Italian explains the basics of proper pasta-eating rituals

The restaurant chain Ask Italian is set to promote proper treatment of pasta, the No. 1 Italian dish, among British consumers. The company has launched a series of humorous spots encouraging the Brits to show more respect when they enjoy Italian pride, hot and perfect pasta.

In the micro spots, the chain shows how exactly waiters and waitresses might “fight back” when they see bad pasta habits demonstrated within the restaurants of the chain. The promotion is rolling out on the brand’s YouTube and Facebook page.

“Pasta is special. It really, really is. Yet here in Britain we’ve begun to take pasta for granted. Too often overcooked and undervalued. We want it to stop. We say no more. We say Pasta needs love and attention. Observe the ingredients. Honour the bite. Respect the pasta,” calls the brand in the description to the vignettes.

The chain is also encouraging British customers to participate in the sweepstakes for a chance to win a meal for 10 at ASK Italian. For this, entrants are to choose the correct answer option for a pasta-related question correctly.

It’s not the first time an Italian brand teaches consumers how to feel the essence of Italian lifestyle correctly. Back in 2010, Lavazza launched a campaign taglined “The Italian Experience,” all to communicate the nation’s “every-day” philosophy to the world.