Hermès pays homage to the magic of metamorphosis in a slow-motion clip

French fashion mansion Hermès has extended its bold and vibrant Metamorphosis print campaign by adding an awesome slow-motion spot about visual transformations. The social ad reveals shoes and accessories including jewelry, home décor pieces, and purses that take various forms in the jungle settings.

The visual approach is based on the concept that reads: “one transformation can hide another.” In the prints, the latest Hermès items and people who wear them get seamlessly merged with the wild nature background. Highlighted in the prints, the idea “spreads its wings” only in the whimsical spot.

The creative team behind the ad reimagined traditional shapes of letters in the opening frame in the video on the site, turning “T,” “O,” and “P” in a palm tree, a round piece of a starry night and a grapefruit, respectively. The narration is packed with playful unexpected transformations of a range of ordinary things. For instance, a grapefruit gets cut into round pieces that fall apart as bracelets, a popsicle unrolls as a tie, a green leaf gets zipped up to reveal a wallet, and more.

The fashion giant has also released the latest edition of its Le Monde d’Hermès seasonal iPad magazine. The spring/summer free edition allows readers to master metamorphosis by designing origami figures in the digital space. They emerge as a reader interacts with the pages of the digital magazine—when a person pulls the corners of the images, they shrink to reveal charming little creations.