Kickstarter creates a hub of successfully funded and produced films in the iTunes Store

Kickstarter rolls out a new film channel on iTunes, inviting everyone to purchase successfully funded film-related projects. The viewers will be able to rent and buy films that sought and found crowdsourcing support from people all across the globe.

Pic.: A hub of Kickstarter-funded films on iTunes

The mechanism will be the same as with the rest of video content. Users will be able to buy the features, shorts, documentaries, web series, and more in standard format of HD, watch trailers, read the cast info, reviews and more. In a blogpost, the platform’s creator Michael McGregor shares that the audience will be able to access “hundreds of these films right now.”

The decision to offer the films funded by Kickstarter community members is based on the fact that for the past five years people have donated more than $200m to support the production of various films and videos on the platform. In the beginning, these were primarily independent movies, but over time the platform got more projects done by the teams of recognized Hollywood faces including director Spike Lee and actor Zach Braff.

“The room features a LOT of Kickstarter-funded films, including Veronica Mars, the fan favorite television show turned full-length movie made possible by the support of 91,585 fans. There’s also an amazing assortment of other films, including favorites like Gimme the Loot, Indie Game: The Movie, Putty Hill, Trash Dance, and Buzkashi Boys, an Oscar-nominated short filmed entirely in Afghanistan. There’s enough in there to keep you busy for months,” adds Mr. McGregor.