Lynx Australia urges men to donate blood, not waste it in wars

As part of its “Make love not war” campaign, Lynx is partnering with Australian Red Cross Blood Service to raise awareness of the blood donation among young man. The initiative is launched three months ahead of World Blood Donor Day on June 14 so that the man could have some time to take all courage and roll up their sleeves for the cause.

The new effort is also linked to the brand’s new product, Peace, and supports the general message of the campaign that revolves around non-violence. The new initiative encourages young men, its target audience, in Australia to share their “ultimate demonstration of love and donate blood in the name of peace.”

The brand has tapped Wallabies star and Lynx Peace project ambassador Adam Ashely-Cooper to star in the campaign that rolls out tomorrow, on March 5. The centerpiece of the effort is a 1:10 spot that features Adam in a somewhat gritty spot where he explains the importance of blood donation.

Lynx has set a goal—with its fans support it aims to help save 100,000 lives through blood donation. The brand says that just one donation can help save up to three lives. Today, Australia requires 27,000 volunteer donors every week to keep up to the 14,000 litres of blood demand. Lynx encourages young male to pledge to donate blood over the next year to help meet the needs. As part of this initiative, the brand wants to collect 85,000 pledges from its consumers.

“More so than ever young people care deeply for the future and it is the purpose of brands with large scale and reach to be a force for positive social change,” commented Lynx Marketing director Jon McCarthy. “Make Love Not War is a powerful and timely message and a brand like Lynx can deliver this in a surprising and engaging way to young people. Lynx has always stood for bringing people together in the name of love and in partnership with the Red Cross Blood Service we want to give people the chance to make a selfless expression of love and donate blood.”