Kickstarter for cats and their owners: meet the Catstarter

Meow Mix, a feline food brand from the portfolio of Del Monte Pet Food Group, launches a Kickstarter-inspired hub to support creative projects themed around cats. The Catstarter platform will feature innovative ideas that can make eating, playing and living together yet more enjoyable for cats and their owners.

The site now features three projects that seek public support. These are Hot Keys, a pad that lets hang with your cat without sharing your keyboard, MealMachine that provides mealtime experience powered by Twitter, and Twister Dish that lets owners make sure that the cat would enjoy every last bite of their meal. Each of the concepts is illustrated with a short animated spot.

The major difference between this platform and the real Kickstarter is that here people help fund the concept not with their own money, but through voting and sharing the project on Twitter and Facebook. The brand also invites users to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win one of featured products if it gets funding from Meow Mix. So far, Hot Keys is winning—the voting ends on April 11.

The brand also invites innovators to share their ideas for a chance to see them featured on the platform. “If you’ve got a cat idea, we want to hear it. It could become the next Meow Mix Catstarter project and make a lot of cats happy,” says the brand. So far, four new public ideas have been highlighted in the bottom of the page.