Peugeot will plant trees in Brazilian rain forest ahead of FIFA World Cup

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup, Peugeot is rolling out a 100-day initiative to pursue the sustainable goals in Brazil, the host country of this year’s tournament. The Kick It To Brazil campaign, launched on March 6, follows the journey of a football as it rolls across 30 countries during these three months. The ball, which is travelling with the help of bicycles, planes and Peugeot vehicles, “communicates” with locals who can even kiss it.

The goal of the initiative is to “advance social and environmental responsibility goals in Brazil,” says the brand. This mission will be delivered through a massive tree-planting project. Every time the ball is kissed during this journey, Peugeot will plant a tree in the Brazilian Rain Forest—this initiative syncs with the company’s commitment to support the Carbon Sink founded by Peugeot and the ONF in Cotriguaçu (northern Mato Grosso, Brazil) around 15 years ago.

The campaign is being documented on the dedicated website, where users can find loads of photos illustrating the ball’s journey with photos and short videos. The content will also be shared across Facebook and Instagram. Currently, it is in Barcelona—the route can be seen on the interactive roadbook. The campaign will culminate on 12 June, in the Brazilian Amazon.