Porsche offers owners to trade in their older cars for a brand-new, yet unseen model

Porsche, the brand of luxury cars, invites its loyal wealthy consumers to take a risk. The car manufacturer gives them an opportunity to own a new model before it gets unveiled in the showroom. The price is more than just money—the customers are invited to trade in their cars for the upcoming one they haven’t actually ever seen.

The luxury car maker has partnered with Dutch ad agency ACHTUNG to launch an online effort dubbed Blind Trade. The fans can exchange their current Porsche cars for the new model there that gets revealed piece by piece since March 3.

The bold car owners can get inspired by looking at these tiny parts that have already been revealed any time during the campaign. But the earlier they’ve taken the decision, the greater the chances to grab the new car are. Four days after the launch, today there are more than 2,000 car owners who have agreed to participate.

The winner will be determined by the end of the month—on March 31, he or she will drive off in the new car “without having to pay any additional costs.” It means that Porsche won’t charge any extra money despite the fact that the new model is supposed to be the most refined and technology-packed one in Porsche’s history.