A black-and-white animated film about bullying gets shorter every time it’s shared

The problem of bullying might be as big as the problem of direct physical aggression. To help address it, Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth (CABCY) in Singapore has launched a nice video that “melts” as it is shared. The animated spot, “Share It to End It,” tells a gritty story of a little boy who has become a victim of bullying in school.

Pic.: A screenshot from the Share to End It video

The video by JWT Singapore is originally 100 seconds long. Every time a new user shares the film on Facebook, it becomes a millisecond shorter. This symbolizes how awareness can help eradicate the problem and help build a better, friendlier society.

Pic.: A screenshot from the Share to End It video

So far, the video has been shared nearly 19,000 times. It lives on the specially created page, where there’re also links to other pages that encourage the internet community to speak up, get involved and learn more about the issue.