American responsible brand of condoms “L.” launches one-hour delivery in SF, LA and NYC

L., a condom company founded by photojournalist Talia Frenkel in the U.S., is launching a one-hour delivery service in NYC on May 1, after the initial successful test in Los Angeles and San Francisco in February this year.

Photo: L. Condoms delivery map,

The business operates on the one-for-one social good model: for every L. product bought in the U.S. the company donates a pack of condoms to be distributed in developing countries for free. The company builds its online delivery model on understanding that sometimes people might feel a bit awkward buying condoms in the store, and some people do not plan their intimate moments ahead— a one-hour delivery service is designed just for them.

“ L. products set a higher bar on quality, design, and earth-friendly materials in order to make condoms, well, sexy. For every L. condom you buy, we give one to a person in a developing country in need. L. is uniquely free of latex scent and harmful additives, and when you order on, L. is free of shipping costs,” says the description to the promotional L. video below.