Heineken beer makes stars of ordinary people in a theatrical social experiment

Heineken has conducted a new social experiment that put the participants outside their comfort zone and brought some new experiences to them. The immersive theatrical performance, «The Guest of Honor», made six unsuspecting spectators become the stars themselves—their every move was filmed, then edited and shown to the public.

The experiment masterminded by Wieden + Kennedy NY was held on March 11 at one-night only production at The McKittrick Hotel in NYC. The performance has been announced by the brand that invited fans who were «bold enough.» A number of people came to watch a play, and during the performance six of them were invited to become not spectators, but actors.

These six people were challenged to go through multi-floored labyrinth of rooms of The McKittrick and perform some eccentric tasks, such as entertaining a billionaire and his friends by telling jokes in a comedy club, joining a shoot of a classic Bollywood movie, giving a tattoo to a big dangerous guy, stealing a key from a chain on the neck of a sleeping criminal, and more. In the end of their challenging journey, they got back onto the stage through a door colored in Heineken’s signature green.

The experiment, carefully filmed by Heineken’s team, follows similar endeavours, Departure Roulette and Carol Karaoke, that also built on the “would you or wouldn’t you” moment. Just like in the previous videos, where participants were travelling to unknown destinations and singing karaoke in front of masses, in the latest piece Heineken prompted people to discover new hidden talents and let them realize they were legendary at something.