Heineken releasing “The Legendary Posters” that capture the vibe of adventure

In collaboration with Reporters Without Borders, a global non-profit that supports and protects journalists to ensure freedom of information globally, Heineken have undertaken an artistic and philanthropic project that unites a pool of recognized artists, athletes and entertainers from all across the globe. The beer brand has collaborated with 40 legendary individuals to create a series of The Legendary Posters that relate to the brand’s «Legendary» ethos of creative thinking and living life to the fullest.

The series lives on the dedicated scroll-down site on the Tumblr platform developed by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. Each poster has its own story of conception and creation—along with the artwork, online visitors can watch a short video or view additional pictures  about how the unique piece was developed. Adventure is rooted deeply in the heart of each work—all of them started as a white canvas featuring a single green Heineken bottle and then embarked on a journey to get unique experiences, later narrated as an original visual story.

Photo: Heneken’s legendary poster by rugby legend Brad Thorn

The themes of the 40 posters are as diverse as life itself. For instance, there’s one tender and minimalistic piece created by a participant who spent the night with a French actress, another is made by Portugese street artist Samnia who turned a poster into stencil, and one created by Luis Mendo, a Tokyo-based editorial consultant and illustrator, using watercolors to depict strangers he met during a grand night out in Tokyo. In some posters, the bottle retains it shape, and in others it breaks into pieces—the original canvas itself sometimes becomes just a piece of paper for offbeat origami.

The artworks are now being auctioned on eBay, with €150 being the starting bid. The bids can be placed until April, 13. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Reporters Without Borders. The posters, which can be viewed in the digital gallery, can also be viewed at some art spots around Amsterdam. They will be there until the end of the auction—after April 13 the artworks will go live with their new owners.

“Legendary posters is a fresh idea. Its diversity, unconventionality and positivity are such a testament to how Heineken sees the world—by crossing your borders you enrich your life with amazing experiences. These posters went through quite a few experiences we would all like to live one day, but what fired us up the most, was to make these experiences support freedom of expression in partnership with Reporters Without Borders,” shared Sandrine Huijgen, Heineken Global Communications Director.

Photo: Heneken’s legendary poster by Spanish artist Alvaro Sotomayor.
Photo: Heneken’s legendary poster by Essex based artist Dan Kitchener