Heineken turned the tweet of #15SecondPremiere winner into a short movie, Linclone

Heineken has unveiled the film based on the super short plot by the winner of the #15SecondPremiere contestDennis Lazar (aka @awsommovieideas). The competition, launched in March as part of the brand’s sponsorship program at Tribeca Film Festival, encouraged creatives to submit tweets with brief stories—the best of them was to be produced and directed by a Hollywood film crew.

The winning entry was chosen from hundreds of submissions. The 140 characters of the tweet were turned into 15 seconds of an extremely brief short piece. The film is titled Linclone gives an unexpected twist on the Lincoln story. Here what @awsommovieideas’s original tweet read: “They clone Abe Lincoln’s DNA and name the clone president for life…except there’s one problem: the clone is evil.” The finished work is 4:30 long—it includes 15 seconds of film itself, and the rest are title sequence, credits, and more.

Those, who think that 15 seconds is too little and want more, are invited to watch a deleted scene which is 1:25 long here.

“In our sixth year as a proud sponsor of Tribeca Film Festival we want to bring film-goers new, unexpected experiences,” commented Pattie Falch, Director or Sponsorships and Events at Heineken. “We’re excited to partner with Tribeca Film Festival to present events like Heineken Green Room Sessions and #15SecondPremiere that will allow people to go beyond their comfort zone and try something new to open their world.”

Earlier this year, along with the 15SecondPremiere competition, Heineken also launched a new round of the Heineken VOCES Grant program. This effort aims to support Hispanic filmmakers in celebrating the national Latino filmmaking style. This year, Heineken handed the grants to Rodrigo Reyes for his documentary Sanson and Me, and Yolanda Cruz, for her feature La Raya. They received the cash prizes on April 17, and the winners will also got a year-round project support from Tribeca Film Institute.