IKEA spins the world within a kitchen in the second phase of the “Wonderful Everyday” effort

IKEA is making kitchens the center of the home universe in the new piece of the “Wonderful Everyday” campaign, launched in early 2014. The 1-minute spot celebrates the creative interior solutions of kitchen designers who make this space dynamic, multi-level and ultra comfortable.

The ad that debuts today, April 18, is also promoting new METOD kitchen system that was developed using a plethora of insights sourced through workshops and home visits. The mesmerizing spot by Mother celebrates the power of engineer and design thought in the kitchen settings that are spinning just like a carousel. In this dynamic world, a family of six and a dog feels comfortable and interacts with every part of the interior easily, quickly and freely, moving in tandem. The voiceover in the spot says that the kitchen is the busiest space in the house, and “if it doesn’t work for everyone, it doesn’t work at all.”

As the METOD kitchen system is created using the experience and insights from the consumers, this stage of the campaign will also include a big interactive component. IKEA will use social media platforms to collect people’s ideas and frustrations as to the kitchen comfort to help the company drive its kitchens to perfection.

“We know that the kitchen is the busiest and most pressured room in the home, so when it doesn’t work, we really feel it. But when it works, and it works for everyone in the family every single day, the busiest room is the best too. The new flexible METOD kitchen system goes much deeper than style alone, as it has been designed and developed to enable people to live the way they want to,” noted Peter Wright, IKEA UK and Ireland marketing manager.