Kirin highlights the taste of the new drink through miniatures

Japanese beer brand Kirin is promoting a new range of salty soda drinks, “Salt and Fruit,” with an awesome effort that features a miniature kitchen. The goal of the campaign is to highlight the flavors in a totally new, charming way.

The campaign is running under the “Sekai no Kitchen Kara” tagline that translates as “From the Kitchens of the World” into English. The focus is made on the flavors of Thailand, which can be seen in the super tiny replica of a traditional kitchen.

The kitchen, which is a 1/48 scale miniature, is “packed” into a plastic bottle, in which the new Salt & Litchi drink is served. The level of craft and passion for details in this piece illustrates the love for perfect drink recipes in Kirin team of beverage experts.

The new lines of drinks is developed “with ‘mother’s knowledge’ and ‘Kirin’s touch,’” says the description to the video.