Nike FuelBand looks deeper into relation between weather conditions and athletic performance

Nike has researched how the weather conditions influence the physical activity of amateur athletes. The team behind Nike FuelBand, Nike’s revolutionary bracelet that measures a person whole-body movement throughout the day, conducted a research to reveal the perfect atmospheric conditions for all sorts of athletic performances. The team used the activity patterns data collected across the USA, so the results apply to Americans only.


The study reveals the conditions under which people in the USA tend to move more. The sweet spot for physical activity in the US is 66°, being the temperature at which Nike+ community members tend to move the most throughout the day (3,304 NikeFuel points are earned then in average). The U.S. residents move less when it’s below freezing (6.5% less NikeFuel a day—2,993—in average). When the temperature ranges 30-40°, the U.S. residents perform 4.6% below average (that is 3,053 NikeFuel a day).


As to the cities, Las Vegas outperforms Phoenix with 8% more NikeFuel at 105° highs. In cold days, when the temperature is below freezing, Minneapolis and St. Paul top the list of the U.S. cities, earning 12% more NikeFuel than Denver and 11% more than Anchorage.

This data is to improve amateur athletes’ performance as it allows them to find the best time for workouts and jogging. Nike says that “this insightful data visualization tool delivers value to individual NikeFuel users by showing exactly how much they move (or don’t) in very specific weather conditions.” Using these insights, athletes can choose and adjust specific training apps, footwear and apparel to make the most of any training, in winter or summer.

“The real power of NikeFuel is in the quality of the motivation and information we can give back to the athlete from the activity they do,” said Jenny Campbell, Director of NikeFuel & Consumer Knowledge at Nike. “Once an athlete really knows what they’re achieving on a daily basis, and the key factors influencing that performance, they can then make better informed decisions to improve. Whether that’s using the right Hyperwarm layer on a cold run or increasing the number of Nike+ Training Club core workouts they do in a week.”