Nokia rolling out the “Not Like Everybody Else” as it joins Microsoft

Nokia is rolling out a color-centric campaign that is dedicated to a new milestone in the company’s history. On April 25, Microsoft has finally completed the acquisition of almost all Nokia Devices and Services business. To celebrate this, Nokia decided to pay tribute to part of its DNA—color—in a new communication effort, Not Like Everybody Else, which comes to be the first campaign after the Nokia business gets under the banner of Microsoft.

The phone manufacturer says that, not being part of Microsoft’s universe, it will continue to produce, sell and support its phones and devices that have become popular over the past years. Nokia will introduce some software innovations, staying true to its philosophy and the passion for vibrant colors in design. The company notes that it continues to support the devices that have been released previously, and nothing has changed for worse for the brand’s clients.

To mark the big event in its life, Nokia is rolling out a campaign that will include a series of bright spots. The first one, Not Like Everybody Else, has been already released on the brand’s digital channels. The 1:20 spot celebrates the world that is turning from grey to multi-colored thanks to Nokia devices. A guy, dressed in bright clothing and using a lemon-colored smartphone, walks along a grey street and makes the people around look at him just like he’d be a guest from another, nicer planet.

The closing frame of the spot features a message, Everything Just Became #MoreColorful, which prompts users to follow new Nokia’s hashtag and use it in their social media conversations.