Pepsi collaborates with Del Toro, Bang & Olufsen, Gents and more on an exclusive capsule lifestyle collection

Pepsi is revealing its “white, blue and red color” ethos in a capsule fashion collection that is set to appear on May 21 at 15 select Bloomingdale’s shopping venues and online stores. For this project, launched as part of the “Live for Now” campaign, the legendary soda brand has collaborated with a team of fashion and technology brands that include Del Toro, Original Penguin by Munsingwear, Bang & Olufsen, Shut, Gents, and Goodlife.

Pic.: Pepsi’s new clothing collection to Bloomingdale’s,

The designers were challenged with a task to use the three key colors of Pepsi’s universe—red, white and blue,—in their pieces. The “ Live for Now” range includes 60 different items that range from traditional wardrobe line of men’s T-shirts, zip-up jackets, swim trunks and sweatshirts to skateboards, headphones, baseball caps, slippers and leather sneakers. In fact, the new collection continues the brand’s intervention into the youth culture and collaboration with influencers and game-changers in a range of fields that relate to teens and young adults.

“We have this long history in pop culture and have been longtime stewards of creativity from music to film, and we’ve dibbled and dabbled with fashion over the years,” commented Kristin Patrick, global chief marketing officer, PepsiCo Global Beverages Group. “Our brand has a long-standing history in fashion, and we plan on a broad-ranging initiative, including many more collaborations in the near future.”

So far, any details or pricing are not broadly available. Previously, Pepsi collaborated with a range of clothings brands including AAPE by A Bathing Ape and interior designer Vern Yip (to name a few) to release an offbeat designer packaging.

Visually and emotionally, the Live for Now range builds on “The Art of Football” campaign that incorporates original artworks, inspired by six international soccer stars. The pieces have been created in a lively, impressive manner by talented street artists including Hattie Stewart, Zosen, Ricardo AKN, Ever, Merijn Hos & Jaz.