Philadelphia cream cheese celebrates warriors of every day with a humorous campaign in Canada

Kraft Foods Group’s Philadelphia is rolling out a new campaign in Canada, Philly Up, that positions the soft cream cheese as a food that gives people a strong emotional push in the beginning of a day for further victories.

The campaign includes three TV spots created by Toronto-based UNION that highlight some routine moments modern Canadians face and tackle in their everyday life. The debut 30-sec ad, dubbed “See Why This Mother Deserves Your Applause,” features a mum who starts her day with a piece of bread and Philadelphia, and then delves in her every-day routine. The closing frame features a mum with Philadelphia cheese white marks under the eyes—this tongue-in-cheek image will be also seen in the other videos throughout the campaign.

The promotion will roll out across Canada on a range of platforms and will include digital executions, promotion in social media, experiential sampling, transit shelter ads, billboards, and many more.

Along with inspiring its fans and celebrating their everyday courage, Philadelphia cream cheese also shares daily recipes on its social media pages—Facebook is one of them—and helps plan meals a week ahead.