Vans and Gavin McInnes explain “How to Do Everything in the World”

Vans is set to teach its fans about all kinds of things with its new original series of bit-size tutorials titled “How to Do Everything in the World.” The series focuses on “the unique aspects of Vans’ brand of youth culture,” captured and illustrated by the protagonist, a quite aggressive middle-aged man, Gavin McInnes.

The vignettes focus on multiple aspects of the contemporary youth culture and are created in line with the brand’s “Off the Wall” ethos. The new tutorials are focused around various issues including surviving in prison, picking up chicks, fighting and more. “Sometimes it’s valid information, sometimes it’s total bullshit and sometimes it’s a combination of the two,” says Vans.

The episodes—five short tutorials 3-5 minutes long, were released on April 23. Gavin McInnes, who told the world how to urinate in public in 2011, acts as a lifestyle coach, explaining the rules of proper behavior in his iconic weird, eccentric and remarkable manner. Most of tips are designed for guys, but in fact ladies might discover something valuable for them as well. So far, the brand doesn’t say if it’s going to post new vignettes.

The series, revealed on Vans’ OffTheWall.TV online destination and the brand’s YouTube channel, are launched as part of Van’s broader campaign, Off the Wall, launched in mid-February. The multi-platform effort celebrates young doers, culture visionaries and game-changers across the globe and pays tribute to unconventional examples of creative thinking.