Amazon teams up with Twitter to let users buy products from the feed

Amazon and Twitter are working  on a service that allows people to plan their purchases without leaving their Twitter feed. With the #AmanzonBasket service, Twitter users can add items with an Amazon link they see in their feeds.

All the users need is to log in their Amazon account on the device. When they spot some item with an Amazon product link in the feed, they simply reply to tweets with the hashtag #AmazonBasket (UK) and #AmazonCart (USA). The products will be automatically added to the cart. To kickstart the movement, the official Amazon account has posted a range of tweets, so-called “deals of the day” with a related hashtag.

Once a user replies to the tweet, he or she gets a message from @MyAmazon, informing that the item has been added to the cart. The service has been already launched in the USA (there, it’s called AmazonCart) and in the UK. The company hasn’t shared any detail on service’s rollout across other markets.

In 2013, Starbucks partnered with Twitter to allow consumers pay for their coffee using tweet, through the Tweet-a-Coffee service, and American Express invited its customers to buy goods by simply typing in a hashtag of a product they want to purchase. Earlier this year, KLM and the service of microblogs allowed travelers to book flights via tweets.