AXE adds a drop of sweat to its male employees’ business cards

AXE has launched a controversial campaign, dubbed “Pheromone Business Cards,” that revolves around the sexual attraction theme, just like most of the brand’s promotions.

As part of the eccentric effort, developed by Toronto’s agency Union, the brand has released business cards infused with the employees’ sweat extraction. This scent is supposed to instantly arouse representatives of the other gender, not only provide basic professional information about their owner.

There’s a lot of science behind this project. AXE asked its associates to wear headbands and work out for a while until they began sweating. The sweat was then collected as samples and distilled individually into a unique liquid. A drop of this sweat-based substance was put onto each business card in a set, created for each of the employees. “Each team member’s pheromones were isolated and infused into their cards, allowing the cards to communicate far more information than just a phone number and email address,” says the description to the video.

Of course, only male employees were invited to participate in this experiment and so only they were given the sets of pheromonized pieces of paper.