Heineken’s Legendary Man discovers the hidden beauty of the Big City at night

Heineken is enticing its consumers into an adventurous project of city exploration. The beer brand wants to turn sofa-sitters into globe-trotters as part of its latest effort, “Cities of the World,” encouraging its fans to start discovering the beauty of the world and unlocking the secrets of their own cities. The new effort that rolls out in 100+ countries syncs with the ongoing “Man of the World” campaign, which is all about celebrating offbeat energy in exploring the would around.

The new spot, “The City,” is the centerpiece of the campaign. The ad by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam comes in two formats, 30 and 60 seconds, and is the seventh commercial in the super popular series titled  “The Legends.” The spot narrates a story of a young man who finds a set of lost business cards in a cab and embarks on an exciting journey across the city, “led” by these cards, to discover hidden treasures—awesome venues—scattered across the urban jungles.

We know that while Heineken drinkers are familiar with many of the hot spots in their cities, they may not venture outside their usual routine on a daily basis to explore the unexpected,” said Colin Westcott-Pitt, VP Marketing, Heineken. “With the ‘Cities of the World’ campaign, we’re aiming to inspire them to move away from their usual habits this summer to discover and unlock the secrets of their own cities.”

As part of the new round of the “Legendary” campaign, Heineken is releasing a new limited edition series of bottles that pay tribute to six major cities of the world. These are New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam, London and Rio de Janeiro—the cities that hide millions of secrets in their urban backyards. For about a month, From May 1 through July 4, Heineken will be giving away prizes and inviting to join world adventures that can be unlocked by entering the codes found under the caps of the bottles from the City Bottle labels pack.