Nokia spins New York in an ad to promote Lumia’s new bullet effect feature

Nokia is celebrating motion in a new spot that uses hilarious video capturing technique, bullet time. The new ad is dedicated to the Lumia smartphones range and pays tribute to the beat of New York City.

The spot titled “Living Moments—Lumia Arc of Wonder” sets the world spinning around, creating a truly marvelous effect. For this mesmerizing piece, Microsoft-owned Nokia teamed up with renowned filmmaker Paul Trillo, who captured the unique energy of the Big Apple. There were 50 phones used for shooting the piece.

Together, Microsoft and Mr. Trillo have created “a smartphone system that allows users to control multiple Nokia Lumia 1020 devices both wirelessly and simultaneously.” It was designed for the Windows 8 mobile platform. This bullet effect feature, available on the phone, is “a technical first on a mobile device, offering 100% mobility,” says the description to the ad.