Stella Artois celebrates the pursuit of flawlessness with the “Perfectionist” video series

Stella Artois, which comes as an official beer sponsor of The Open Championship and Wimbledon, is rolling out a campaign that centers on perfection and sheer excellence. The effort dubbed “World’s Greatest Events,” is dedicated to people who know how to create various things with a high level of expertise. This effort is all about “people who work tirelessly in private to make excellence public.”

The global effort is rolling out across 25 markets, including the United Kingdom, France, Argentina and the United States. The campaign will include a dozen of short videos highlighting Perfectionists, masters in various fields, who spend a lot of time to drive every detail to perfection in their work in the pursuit of flawlessness. The series of 12 “Perfectionist” videos will be rolling out soon, and now the 30-second teaser collage titled “Introduction—World’s Greatest Events» is already available.

“Stella Artois celebrates the countless men and women who refuse to accept anything less than perfection, whether they are creating a world-class event or a world-class beer,” commented Debora Koyama, Global Vice President of Marketing, Stella Artois. “Wimbledon is a perfect example. It might go unnoticed, but the people behind Wimbledon understand that even the smallest details set them apart. Stella Artois is raising a glass to honor the people who give the world’s greatest events the care they deserve.”