Durex demonstrates the skin-on-skin feel of new condom range in a «touchable» video

Durex has released a web-commercial which enables viewers to interact with people in the video by touching them. The “Durex Real Feel” spot developed by Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was created to highlight the new range of non-latex condoms that get a natural skin-on-skin feel.

The condoms created using a technically advanced non-latex material are designed to enhance a couple’s sexual experience. The touchable video is showing the true value of a touch and its role in the foreplay. The video that can be accessed here, is developed exclusively for smartphones. It starts playing when the phone is held horizontally—to get engaged, a user is asked to keep the finger on the screen.

The spot gives users a skin-on-skin experience and feel as if he or she were part of the story. “Without you being there, the story does not progress,” says the description to the spot.