Grey agency develops an app for the deaf Hearing Aide

Grey Group Singapore collaborated with the Singapore Association for the Deaf to create an app that helps deaf people “hear” the sounds of the world around them. The Android application titled “Hearing Aide” turns regular smartphones into devices that guide hearing-impaired people using various non-audible notifications.

The app captures and transforms ambient sounds into visual and kinetic alerts that help deaf people recognize danger fast and react to various emergency situations better. The alert comes as a 20 second vibration and a visual message that pops up on a device’s screen. The basic pre-loaded pack includes 5 standard “alarms” encompassing ambulance, fire brigade, police sirens, fire alarm and smoke detector.

The library of sounds can be extended by uploading new important critical sounds. The 90–120dB alert sounds can be added to the gallery and rename the labels, tailoring the app to their needs. The app can be downloaded free of charge at the Google Play Store.

“These applications are breakthroughs for the Deaf community. At SADeaf, we are always on the lookout for innovations that can better the lives of our clients,” commented SADeaf President, Dr Christopher Low Wong Kein. “Say it With Signs and Hearing Aide are certainly two applications that will last become integral to our clients in their everyday lives. I have no doubt that our clients will be looking forward to have the apps installed on their phones.”