Mercedes GLA explores packing habits of its drivers

Mercedes is exploring the packing habits of its users in a new promotion that revolves around the ways personal belongings could be put into the Mercedes GLA car’s cargo space. The brand has approached influencers and creators, asking them to share what packs of goodies they would put into the car.

Photo: A screenshot of the website

So far there are 13 versions, with more to come soon. The team of packing experts includes explorers, graphic designers, photographers, golfers, artists and more—all of them illustrate how they would fill the empty space inside the back part of the car using the blank footprint of the GLA’s cargo space.

For instance, photographer Emily Blincoe, who has 156k Instagram followers, would take a range of green-colored things driven by her color-coding obsession. Optometrist Daniel Volland, who has 42k followers on Instagram, would go with a range of planting-related items from the local garden shop. To discover more about the participants and get a deeper insight into what exactly they’ve selected.

Users can participate in the movement by submitting their own best packing solution. “Show us how you would pack the GLA for a dream road trip. If your inventory best captures the multi-dimensional spirit of GLA, you could be going on a luxurious adventure this September,” says the description of the competition. To snap a submission, one is to find a clear surface that is about 54″ x 45″, lay out the cargo, and then take a pic and share it. The winner will get a three-day road trip in the GLA in late September and will be inspired by the cargo he or she has picked.