Smart cup Vessyl will tell you what you are about to drink

U.S.-based technology startup Mark One has developed an innovative smart cup Vessyl that can detect the chemical content of the liquid poured into it. The company says, the device is designed to improve health control for athletes or anyone who wants to track the calories, sugar, sodium or fat intake in their drinks during the day.

Vessyl is equipped with sensors determining the molecular composition of the drink that pass this information onto user’s smartphone (iPhone apps only at this stage) through Bluetooth. The smart cup can even identify the name of the drink, whether it is Sprite or 7Up, Pepsi or Coke. However, the number of the «known» drinks is limited.

Besides detecting the caloric content of the consumed beverages, Vessyl can also analyze a user’s personal hydration level, based on such factors as body weight and activity intensiveness.

«As you use the Vessyl, it’s going to learn more about you and your consumption habits and patterns, but the main goal is to actually help you make healthier and more informed decisions in real time,» says vice president of health Mark Berman in the video . «Little by little these decisions translate to big changes over time, so much so it can transform your life.»

The Vessyl smart cup is already available for pre-order in the U.S. for $99 at, with the final RRP of $199.