Smirnoff launches Smirnoff White, the vodka born in the ice

Smirnoff is presenting its latest innovation, the Smirnoff White vodka, that is filtered using low temperature. The new product is purified and freeze-filtered at -6°C, which gives it an unprecedented smooth taste. The new vodka version is not for a massive market—it launches exclusively in travel retail.

Photo: Smirnoff White’s bottle

The Smirnoff White comes in a clear (in the bottom) and smoothly frosted (in the top) bottle that pays tribute to the crystalline formations of the purest arctic ice—the transparent cut-glass base of the bottle is designed to highlight it. There’s a golden Smirnoff White logo placed against the white finish of the bottle closer to its neck that symbolizes a block of solid ice.

“Smirnoff White is a truly exciting vodka which reflects the pioneering spirit of Vladimir Smirnoff. The innovative freeze filtration process guarantees an exceptionally smooth taste which will appeal to travellers the world over,” commented Steve White, Global Marketing Director of Diageo Global Travel and Middle East. “We’ve chosen duty free as the sole global outlet for Smirnoff White in order to reward travellers who seek unique offerings to enhance their experiences and to serve as a momento of their travels.”