VICE unveils a safety app for music fans wearing headphones on the street

VICE has teamed up with Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai to launch an app that allows people to listen to music through headphones in the street and feel safe at the same time. The mobile app called Mutesic is a player that syncs with GPS to detect busy intersections and turns the music down as the user approaches them.

The application can reduce the danger of walking in the road dramatically, without the need of leaving music out of the personal outdoor experience. The user is supposed to set the mode—walking, jogging or cycling—and enjoy the loud music to the full. As the person approaches the busy intersection, the volume of sound decreases to allow to hear ambient warning sounds, and music is turned up again as this part of the route is behind.

The idea is inspired by the sad statistics that there have been 300% more pedestrian road accidents since 2011, 70% of them resulted in death, and 65% of victims were under the age of 30. While the Mutesic app might be a great helper in reducing the number of future victims, pedestrians still need to be attentive on the streets, since the system may fail to read GPS info.