Virgin Media promotes “Big Kahuna” service package with a bursting out effect

Virgin Media is promoting a new package of technology services named “Big Kahuna” with a series of physical experiments revolving around blasts. For the experiments as part of the “Make It Big” effort, they take everyday things and put them in the conditions where these objects explode, to a total enjoyment of the audience.

As part of this project, the media powerhouse teamed up with BBH London  and turned to the talents of creative company th2ng to allegorically illustrate the expansive power of the new bundle. “So squeezed full of cool stuff, it’s bursting,” says the company in the videos. The series includes five experiments, in which a pair of dishwashing gloves, a regular suitcase, a hot water bottle, and a six-foot tall dinosaur explode in a lab when they go overfilled with various stuff.

A voiceover of the memorable web films explains the process, adding a lot to the suspense. The videos don’t say much about the bundle, but they illustrate how everyday things can get several times bigger as people squeeze into them much more than they can normally withhold.

Unlike these objects, Virgin Media’s Big Bundles never blow up, even with lots inside—they are totally safe and “are four times more fun. Things don’t come much bigger than our Big Bundles. They’re jam-packed with superfast fibre optic broadband, TV and home phone (and mobile SIM too, if you like),” says the company.