Volkswagen UK highlights the differences between real and cinematic lives in the new phase of “See film differently” promotion

Volkswagen UK is rolling out a spin-off of its successful “See film differently” campaign targeted at drivers who love independent cinema. The «anti-action» follow-up of the campaign, developed by adam&eveDDB, is taglined “Made for real life, not the movies” and explores the differences between the cinema rides and rides in real life.

The campaign that runs in independent cinemas across the country includes three films, “Bus,” “Chase,” and “Explosion,” which are directed by acclaimed Hollywood director Paul W.S. Anderson. Filmed in a traditional action film style, the stories explain why this could never happen in real life. The ads also promote various car technologies that make driving safer.

For instance, the first tongue-in-cheek spot in the series, “Volkswagen. Made for real life – Bus,” promotes the Safe Distance Technology that actually makes it almost impossible to come dangerously close to the car riding before. In the movies, a person can jump from one car to another, but in real life he would do this from Volkswagen.

“After years of the successful ‘See film differently’ campaign, we were asked to find a closer way to link Volkswagen and their support of independent cinemas. “Made for real life” does that brilliantly, and still keeps the creative bar as high (or even higher) as before,” commented Adam&eveDDB executive creative director of Volkswagen, Jeremy Craigen.