Gillette Razors has created a retrospective video covering 100 years of men’s facial hair styles

Gillette Razors has launched a hilarious video which illustrates the evolution of men’s facial hair styles over the past 100 years. The simple, yet captivating spot packs the history of male shave into just 56 seconds.

The retrospective video goes through the time periods without indicating the exact years. The two things that help tell the hippie time from rockabilly period are the men’s facial hair styles and the music, composed specifically for the project. Each hair style (from beard to shave-it-all-off) and music elements correspond to a certain time lapse.

“Whether you are just learning how to shave, getting the right beard styles or doing some manscaping, for over one hundred years Gillette Razors have evolved to meet all male grooming needs,” says the description to the spot for Gillette BODY Razor.

Currently, Gillette is also running the “First vs. First Real” campaign, comparing first things (pets, girlfriends, all-nighters, and more) with first real things on YouTube and Facebook pages of the brand. “Fusion ProGlide might not be your first razor, but it will be your first real one,” it says.